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22 April 2010 @ 09:04 pm
I love the Eleventh Doctor and Amy Pond.


Amy Pond has the right amount of sass and just the right amount of in awe of him to make her better than Martha or Rose. i will miss Donna's humour but i think Amy is wonderful.

I love the doctor too, he is wasting no time making the character his own. going to really enjoy seeing him develop.
01 March 2010 @ 04:53 pm

Soundwave was AMAZING. so many bands i admire in one place.

Saw Rolo Tomassi, Sunny Day Real Estate, Alexisonfire, Paramore, Placebo, The Get Up Kids, All Time Low, Jane's Addicton, Jimmy Eat World, Faith No More, HIM

READ MORECollapse )

I also went to the Free Myspace secret show to watch Placebo. it was essentially their Soundcheck. they are beautiful beautiful on stage. just wow. they slowed most of their songs right down and ah...makes me want to shoot up or something.
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01 September 2009 @ 03:34 pm
oh Hi!

I don't really know where i have been lately. spending too much time on Twitter me thinks.

Not much really going on to really update - let me think of some things

1. Going to Soundwave in February. We got Early Bird Tickets at $133! The lineup is amazing - bolding all the ones im excited for.

Faith No More, Paramore, My Chemical Romance, Janes Addiction, AFI, HIM, Alexisonfire, Taking Back Sunday, Trivium, Sunny Day Real Estate , Eagles of Death Metal, The Get up Kids, Reel Big Fish, Meshugguh, All Time Low, A Day To Remember, It Dies Today, Escape the Fate, Clutch, Isis, Gallows, A Wilhelm Scream,The Weakerthans, Emarosa, Anvil, The Devil Wears Prada, Comeback Kid, Dance Gavin Dance, Four Year Strong, You Me At Six, Rolo Tomassi, Baroness, RX Bandits, Maximum the Hormone, The Creepshow, Anti Flag, The Almost, The Aquabats, Whitechapel.

2. Saw Katy Perry a fortnight ago. Got free drinks from my friend who was working at Enmore theatre. some songs i was all "ohmygod! please don't try those notes" but most of the time she was pretty good, and it was a good show. no idea who the opening band was though haha.

3. Saw my favourite band of the moment play at a youth centre. Tonight Alive it was an awkward night as this guy i hooked up with, his band was also playing. he acted like a spoilt brat when i told him i just wanted to  be friends. weirdo.  Been listening to this Acoustic guy who played there as well, Max Wilkinson. he is also really incredibly pretty. like an elf.

4. Thursdays Child was a great play.  i think they really did the book justice,

23 July 2009 @ 11:54 pm
Holidays are incredibly sucktastic when you are broke. no luck finding a job these holidays. still one week left until i go back to uni.
Only 2 classes this semester a Drama course for Culture and a Writing Course for Media. then i am DONE! i will take my BA and run!

Noteable events of the past few weeks

1. house sitting- scared the shit out of the builders who had no idea i was there. seedy creepy men. i locked them out so they couldn't use the bathroom! ha

2. Short Stack concert! and Lithgow July 10/11 had so much trouble with this! crazy!  Ellington the support act were staying near me, but we failed at arranging a hang out! haha. then Mum decided to come to Lithgow with me and pay for me so was all completely good until i felt really sick on way home. pretty much crashed out when i got home in bed with dvds.  Then on sat night ended up going to city with my 16yo neighbour and her friend. there i met up with my brothers (18 yo) friend and his friend. i did my own thing pretty much. met some people. and oh some kids recognised me from talking to them at the music video. it was rather cute. also met some of the Tonight Alive people who also supported Short Stack.

3. UNI RESULTS. Passed miraculously my culture and writing subject and got a Credit for Modernism to Postmodernism woo

4. Chicago- Went with my friend and her boyfriend to see Chicago. i got to be the third wheel as her mum was too sick to come so gave ticket to the boyfriend. The stage show was everything i was hoping for and more. after ran into one of the kids from Football Superstar i interviewed last year. so adorable. also go cupcakes.

5. won tickets to The Lair and mtv show. my 16yo neighbour was originally going to come until they changed the ages, asked my friend Haylee from uni to come with me and she did. had an EPIC night out. first time i had been able to drink in ages..and it was free. good fun dancing to good music! met Ruby Rose! she is incredibly HOT! also got alot of compliments on my pacman hoodie.

6. Then today took the 16yo and her friend to Castle Towers. waited, and waited. finally got to meet Short Stack. the kids were happier then me. now i'm just tired and tomorrow have to get up and sign for stuff that's being delivered and OH! organising WIRELESS BROABDAND! yes! i'm entering the 21st Century. dumb sales guy asked "do you have a computer" idiot.

7. AND FINALLY! been asked to write a 250-500w column for a Football e-zine. the guy who does the radio show i use to do correspondence for is putting it together. first deadline is 3rd aug so i better get my muse into top gear soon
01 July 2009 @ 12:14 am
Thankyou to all the lovely well wishes across various mediums of Twitter, Facebook and phone calls :)

Shaun and Andy from Short Stack tweeted me Happy Birthday (i print screened and printed them hehe)

Friday night i decided to bleach my hair. i'm still undecided about whether i like it or not.

Spent Saturday hand pumping 99 Red Balloons up.

Sunday i had a lovely afternoon cocktail/tea party and got some lovely presents.

Photos up on facebook


Sorry i have been an awful flister been so busy with organising things, will try and get some catch ups in this week.
17 June 2009 @ 12:26 am

Finished all my assingments and handed them in on Thursday. Haven't done much since then apart from reading and watching dvds.  Not alot on these holidays as i can't afford to do much.

Things i'm looking forward too doing and that's sending me broke.

Tomorrow going to go pick up stuff for my party in 2 weeks. RED THINGS! WOO.

Short Stack call - entered a comp using my phone, mums and brother's, got an sms back saying they would be calling in the next few weeks.. my brother got a call last week but he had no idea what was going on. Apparently they are doing more calls tomorrow luckily i will have mum's phone as well.

Dvds arriving- a friend of mine mailed a whole stack of tv shows from Being Human and True Blood to some ones i have never heard of before.

June 28th- I'm having a small  red themed cocktail/tea party at my neighbours house as she has said i can use it as it is bigger then my house.

11th July- Short Stack concert- i'm going by myself and luckily have found someone to take the extra tickets off me.

18th July- Chicago - Going to go to the Musical production at lyric theatre with my friend and her mother.

8th August- Football Season-  i renewed my  season pass last week and can't wait for it to all start up again

13th August- Thursday's Child- play at Riverside theatre of one of my favourite books (i even met the Author a few weeks ago and she signed my book)

17th August- Katy Perry concert
- my friend wanted to go to this so i'm going along with her

16th September- Wicked- been waiting for almost a year for this to come to Sydney from Melbourne. can't wait

07 June 2009 @ 08:22 pm

I sat in the freezing living room in my Socceroo scarf watching the game with excitment and random commentary. Josh Kennedy needs a haircut. Qatar coach is Graham Arnold's long lost twin etc.

Now I can't wait for Wednesday night's fixture!

What's better then Timmy playing in designer Armani underwear?

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Current Music: I come from a land down under- Men at Work
01 June 2009 @ 04:04 pm
Things to do in the next 2 weeks.

1.500 word review on Sydney Writers Festival
2.Get article back
3. edit
4. resubmit
5. revise for in lecture quiz (requires i actually do some readings for that unit)
6.3000 word essay for culture.
7. 2500 word essay for Modernism to postmodernism

and to make it that much more unbareable...i have a cold. i was suppose to go out to some friend's houses today to drop off 21st invites, but i felt too crappy and decided to stay indoors...with no heating (our heater died) snuggled in bed drinking tea, but then had to get up to email tutor about dropping off my article tomorrow. now im just listening to Hamish and Andy not doing work...yeah going to have to  stop procrastinating and die later.
31 May 2009 @ 12:44 am
1.Watching the FA cup because I feel it is my duty to do so in my support of my boyfriend Timmy. i thubj sine shots look sooo CGI..weird, is this because of the digitalism?

2. life otherwise is pretty damn miserable. It's 12 degrees, Mum made me turn the large heater off, so now im sitting with the heater that maimed me before i left for melbourne, wearing hand socks (not quite gloves...just weird pocket things)

3. I have quite a bit of uni work to do. 3000 word culture essay, 2500 words for Modernism/post modernism, 500 words on sydney writer's festival and the article rewrite (which i didn't even get back yesterday and now need to wait until Tuesday!)

4. I am making my invites for my 21st and only 14 people are confirmed as coming which is lovely as i didn't want it that big.

5. I am still searching for someone to either come to the concert with me or  buy the tickets off me. as is...no one is available 11th July, in fact several people will be out of the state/country. i have advertised on facebook, twitter AND myspace, and several friends have done the same...yet no one is helping me out. whats pissing me off more is all the people saying "i would but i won't". why say they would if they clearly won't?! also the asshat messaged me about this and i'm confused. first he said "i'd volunteer to keep you company but don't want my night ruined by someone elses bad taste in music" which i went off at him for it, for the above reasons. to which he replied "maybe should ahve said "i would if you'd have me" eh? yeh i dunno....i replied along lines of "yeah and your girlfriend can have the second ticket and we'll all have a bloody jolly good time"

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27 May 2009 @ 08:12 pm
Football Superstar- Melbourne Victory is gross but I'm hoping for cutesy Leigh will cameo at some point

THE CHASER- oooh how gorgeous they are, and how quiet life in Sydney is without them running riot in the offices of Today Tonight hehe.

Edit: oooh The Chaser how i love thee.
  • I however hate Clare the Bogan aka chk chk boom girl argh so annoying if i have to hear that again i will scream.
  • also amazing they got away with Vatican stunt.
  • Lmao off woman going over wall